Paid Items Restoration

i had like alot of paid items i dont remember the names but over 5 i was wondering if they could be restored
i had golden m16
and i dont remember alot of the other item names but yea i was wondering if they could all be restored

they all got trashed btw

Why would you trash a paid item ?

That’s literally throwing money away??
But to answer you search the forum cos I’ve read somewhere a thread about someone trashing a paid item …

Ultimately you could try approaching PW but you would need proof of purchase otherwise how do they know you aren’t making it up - after all they can use same info to recover accounts …

Good luck

Contact support with the bill from the email you used to purchase the item.

i got hacked and the hacker was just such an azz he trashed all my paid items
also they can check my account purchase history??

i cant find the email for it

I can confirm you were inactive for nearly a year. I had your worlds in my favorite list. Good to see you are back. I hope you will get those exclusive items back. :slight_smile:

why would you have my worlds in your favorite list

Because i found your lock was decaying. Long time a go. Thats very common atleast for ppl who seaeched decayed worlds :slight_smile:

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