Paying people (bytes) for things outside the game (but is pixel worlds related) illegal?

So let’s say you pay someone 250 bytes to go and make a drawing of them, then post in the forums or anywhere. Is that illegal?

Yes, it’s illegal, because you’re using the in-game currency for something outside of the game.

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Well theoretically it’s not illegal if you don’t get caught and this would count towards YouTube giveaways or stuff I’ve seen people do “whoever makes the best drawing of me wins byte coins” or when you-tubers say “subscribe for free byte coins” not illegal just depends not like you’re asking them to gift you a steam game for byte coins.

owh, cuz I was planning on opening my own comissions. I will do art for people for free but certain kinds will pay me bytes for it (not too much). Well, guess I cant do that, good to know

Oh so if I do this but I am not scamming or anything, it is ok?

Whether something is considered trading non-in-game items is a vague question.

There are a lot of questions that should be discussed.

Examples are.

Is making art in pixelwords with blocks for someone for bytes considered illegal?

It shouldn’t be because it happens in game.

But if it is legal, then why is making art irl and selling it for bytes considered illegal?

In both scenarios, you sell art, one of them happens in game and one of them IRL, but you can transfer the art from the game into the real life, and vice versa.

So if you can hire someone to make art for you with blocks in pixel worlds, and then transfer this art somewhere else, then why can’t you hire someone to make that art somewhere else initially?

one is an in game thing , the other one , you are buying irl services for in game items

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the art that person does for you is called ‘service’

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You don’t understand what I’m saying.

If you can transfer the art someone made for you in pixel worlds, onto the real world, then it’s no longer an in-game service. (And you definitely can do that since the concept of art is not limited to pixel worlds)


It’s like what Jake does for his streams where he gives away in-game items for stream points it shouldn’t be illegal it’s allowed to be done.

you get the stream points for free tho

You could always do some kind of competition.
I’ve seen people host art competitions and they haven’t been warned or anything like that.

Trading arts/services for pw items is illegal, it has been answered by many devs for many times


i’ve seen people openly talk about how they bought art for bytes but didn’t get banned. I think it’s a very loose rule in this regard but oh well. You can always support creators with real money though.

After reading all these replies, idk what to do anymore lol.

It’s against the rules yes. I saw some comments saying “depending if u get caught or not”. If u try to hide it, it just adds more to your ban. But yes, in general it’s illegal. Devs have been pretty clear about it


Speaking of that, one time some dude/tte wanted me to make an art for him/her. S/he wanted to pay with bytecoins but I adamantly refused as I knew it was illegal and even though I’m poor I wouldn’t resort to illegal methods to get some bytes

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What about designing worlds for bytes?

It’s a type of art so that’s illegal too, right?

If it happens all in the game then it’s legal.
But if its happening outside the game and you’ll pay a person for designing a world before it’s build ing then it probably is illegal.

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