People are Abusing rift fragments

Hey , i see 4-6 people trying to trade and sell them im fine with it however, some traded it with insanee values someone trade it with an item thats worth 10k ! Even the rift are basically free thats just not fair! Especially the guy who trade 10k for the rift fragments are a newbie who probably 10k meant alot, while people keep taking those and selling it, when i tell them to hey, you should probably tell the real price of it 3/4 of them didn’t agree most of the saying "Its a secret item " or “i can do whatever i do” maybe making the untradeable? I have no problems with people selling those but manipulating prices because no PWE graphs or Not many newbies know it? That could demage the economy alot. Infact probably atleast 35% of the whole economy is noobs/newbie how did i get the fact? When you enter a trade world atleast theres 15 or less newbie every trade world especially Trader where new trader starts
Noobs n Newbie is people that atleast having less than 25k bc

Put it this way:

You can get some thing once per i think 11 hours(@RetNos can confirm, and was first to get 3 of each in one go)

That makes it kinda hard to get

Yeah I saw a noob buy a rift fragment for 6k bc which was basically all he owned.

There is a reason 10 year olds shouldn’t play pw.

all 14 hours

it’s not abusing it. they’re right to say they can sell it for whatever they want. doesn’t matter if they got it for free. by that same logic every questline item should be significantly cheaper because they were free.


Ok… so to reply to this… as someone who own 100+ fragments (101 if i count the one in my inventory) the fragments are only 250 bytes each, i can confrm this.

However, the fragments aren’t that rare to be honest… the cryptical portal where you can get fragments got activated like 8 months ago.

If you consider that 3 people can get it everytime and they all collect fragments, 9 fragments from the rift world goes away each rift opening (14hrs).

Considering this and considering that the rift world runned like 3 months ago out of fragments and it’s got reffiled… There is like 1.2k fragments in game sooo they aren’t that rare… and more the time would pass, less they willl be rare.

Ok so after some research, the cryptical portal at ade opended the 27th november 2020…
The rift world runned out of fragments the 20 june 2020 and got refilled the 22th of june…

so if you consider this, the 20th of june 2020, there was 999 of each fragments colllected…

sooo sure thing is that there is more than 1k fragments in game and as i said previously, surely 1.2k and i own like 8/9% of them (100)