Perk suggestion

I think a perk that allows you to increase the range of an item with a 1 block hit range to a 2 block range would be a pretty good addition to the game. I have so many weapons that I like but I don’t wanna use them because of its limited range
I’m no good at sharing ideas so I hope you understand me :flushed:


this honestly ruins the weapon rule bot to fix worlds to help keep it at two range.

Easy fix: If a rule bot limits it then thats still the max range

the devs had said the won’t make it so where u can ban perks as they feel it ruins the point of getting perks

Strange, I recall them saying the exact opposite during the p2p drama
(Though I may be mistaken)

Extended Blade Perk
Increases Melee 1 Range Weapons to 2 Range
Level for to unlock: 190

Sometimes the best suggestions are the simple ones.
This would be great to have!