Perks rule bot

Ok we have poiton rule bot , weapon rule bot and normal rule bot. But why we don’t have perks bot? In the
UNOFFICIAL pixel worlds tournament a lot of ppls used perks( Raizen said to don’t use perks). I was the team loser cuz i drowned ( don’t ask why pls). But Mishiro( from my team) was killed by someone using the perk exploding guts( when you get killed you explode and deal damage to players nearby). My own opinion is perks rule bot need to be added into the game, not only because of the tournament situation.

Ps: This is only suggestion. To develop a game is hard as hell. Have a nice day

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Ive been wanting one of these for awhile. especially for my gamesofpw tournaments. The devs had said they don’t want to add them cause it ruins level progression. One thing you can do is regulate the level, with level doors.

I disagree.
Perks are something players have worked for to unlock, would be bad if everyone could just take that away.
I do get your point though.

Nice rule! This would make stuff like spleef more fair.

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