Personal favorite ways to make gems, worldlocks or byte coins?

I personally don’t have a favorite way to make in-game money. but the most prefer when it comes to gems is fishing. XP would be the nether or secret base. When it comes to world locks I prefer profiting, (buying an item for a decent or low price then selling it for more than its worth) doing secret base runs or the Halloween event because of the chances of getting a decently priced item or the grand prize. But that’s my opinions, whats yours?


i make gems by fishing and pets
i make bytes by selling the keys that my pets bring back wait till after secret base, to sell them

Mine is farming gives XP and fishing gems and trading world locks yes that’s also PWE ok.

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This is also my first hour on the forums so expect to see me in here alot!

Now that it’s literally impossible to buy or sell items nowadays, I make all my profit off of PWE, literally no other way for me now. It’s not like it used to be…
So I’m sitting here with 800 summer items that I know will never rise :skull:

The new orders feature was a real blessing.


^ that’s me as well with the PWE. I’m not the type of person to sit in TRADE and hope to convince someone that their price is lower than it actually is… I used to buy stuff op because I didn’t want to bargain lmao bless the PWE.

What I do at the moment is just fish, it’s my lazy ish money making method since I’m pretty tired every day of the week.

If I had the time though, I would say mining would be my favorite “profit” making method since it helps with both, wls and gems but also keeps you entertained xD.

I also like hunting the nether boss when it’s available! aaaand with the wls that are just sitting in my inventory or in some chest I just buy things and pray for them to rise lmao, but I’m sure that’s most people.

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I don’t mine because you can’t fight a geo hypostasis while mining, but you can while fishing :rofl:

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aw yeah I can relate to that lmao.

The way to go!

“Now that it’s literally impossible to buy or sell items nowadays, I make all my profit off of PWE, literally no other way for me now. It’s not like it used to be…”

There’s a reason why nobody should ever provide the “how to be rich in 30 days” tutorial in economical sense. When everybody does the exact same thing (e.g. buying item for cheap and selling it for high), then there’ll be nobody as the buyer for the higher price.

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When I do play, I like mining. It’s a fun update in general imo.
If I’m low on bytecoins, I’ll sell things I get.
I only get WL’s if I absolutely want an expensive item, and I’ll buy the world locks wit byte coins.

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Mine is primarily fishing, I sell the fish gems for world locks.

I just earn my things by just playing the game without noticing too much, but to be honest, some years ago I used to do Nether, then Fishing, and now I’m more of Mining.
I also try to do some quests to earn some byte coins.

Mining, fishing, farming, quests are some of my favorite ways.

I often do Nether to buy Recall Magnets that is 3/1 (500 Gem Discount for Wl Strat), but some f###### bastards in pwe ruins the Recall Magnets by selling it for 50+ Bytes each, and now I need to find another way to profit.

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Ha, how much I can relate to this. Eventually happened to every PWE business I ever started ^^.

trading wls which is rare, gems is just mining as thats easy, and im still waiting for @Light to still pay me 20wls, next week im taxing you light a whole 1 byte coin

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I like to gain the trust of rich people and then backst-
Wait I mean I like to farm… BBB. Yeah
Bling bling block! I farm that.

(If you’re reading this Bob, no, I’m not returning the BBB I took from your farm)