Petition to remove the 20 characters limit

Please fix the 20 characters limit, bring the old back. Sometimes we just want to comment “IM IN” “Yes sir” “True stuff” and so on

It prevents spam so prob not. Also you can just go < hahahahahha> without the space and fufill the 20 charecters limit

Petitions don’t work here lol. They haven’t made a change to these forums since launch, even when I spoonfed them plugin links.

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Not really, it pretty much is a useless feature in my opinion. Why would it be spam when it could be relevan to a post. Everything can be considered as spam. It’s not like it will make a change of spamming if it was 20 or 1 character.

O well feels bad, but maybe 0,0001%??

in case you are of the people whom believe that “giving it your all” can not fail
there are some exceptions

And it’s not like installing plugins or changing the configuration is hard. When I hosted a Discourse forum myself, I found the admin panels to be foolproof. You NEVER needed to access the server terminal or type in a command.

There even is a GUI which lets you update Discourse and its dependencies in one click.

Them not giving a single crap about the forums can’t be excused, as it’s incredibly simple to install a plugin.

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