Pets nerfed

did pets get nerfed or something? A few months ago I was getting gold tokens all the time, sometimes even up to 3 in one run, but now I rarely even get one. I always make sure everything is maxed before sending them out. Not sure if they got nerfed or if im doing something wrong?

Pretty sure they did not nerf it.
I’ve gotten 2 gold tokens in 1 adventure, I’ve gotten 1 gold token in 3 adventures
It’s all down to RNG. If you’re lucky, congrats! If you aren’t, deal with it…

First of all, welcome @Oppsicle to the forums! Hope you have a nice time in here.

Now, regarding to your questionn, I doesn’t seem that the developers have made some changes to the pet system. Getting Golden Bubblegum Tokens is quite rare though. So, in order to get them you will have to take good care of your pets and it also depends on your luck.

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It is a mere random chance of getting certain prizes. You were getting quite lucky getting those tokens almost all the time. Pets have not been nerfed in any way for sure.

Ah got it. Guess I used up all my luck a few months ago lol. Anyways, thanks guys

Ok forget looking for the screenshot you can get golden tokens on any pet level