Pity System

Hi everyone,
I just rolled 500k gems worth of Valentines boosters with the legendary perk and got almost nothing good, no legendaries.

I got really disappointed after that, so now I am suggesting that the developers implement a “pity roll” if you do not get a legendary after a certain amount of times. For unlucky players, this would make them a little bit happier if they spent hundreds of thousands of gems on boosters and got no legendaries.

However, if this were to be implemented, the “pity roll” number should be very high, like 250 booster spins to get a guaranteed legendary to prevent the mass dropping of items. When you get a legendary item, your pity rolls will instantly reset to “0”. For example: if you bought 50 shard boosters, your pity rolls would be 50/250 away from a legendary. However, if on the 51st roll you get a legendary, your pity rolls would get reset to 0/250.

This may also be implemented in other RNG roll systems, such as the mining wheel or the aviation chests (or whatever they’re called). Again, if this was implemented, the pity number would have to be very high to prevent the legendary items from massively dropping. For things like those, I think 1,000-2,500 rolls would be a good pity number. However, in RNG prize worlds like the Secret Base and the Black Tower, this would lead to a lot of trouble because the worlds are teamwork worlds and other players can easily leech off somebody’s pity roll, so it would be best to stay away from implementing pity rolls for those worlds.

Going forward, if this was implemented, it would be desired not to tell anybody the exact number of the pity roll, since it will lead to many players spending thousands of gems to get a guaranteed legendary. Instead, the pity system would be there just (as the name suggests) to pity a player that spends a massive amount gems on a booster.

In short, this system would just be a way to pity players and make their day a little better.

Thanks for reading my thread and have a lucky day.

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That isn’t fair. 500k = nothing?!


Eh, it was fair since the game had the same RNG chance, but my luck was just bad. If I got just one legendary I would’ve felt a bit better, but nothing.

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Yes I agree with this. Problem is that people can still test rolls to find the number of rolls needed to trigger this

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The chances would be too tiny to test, like the chance of getting no legendaries for 1000+ times in a row would be very, very small, and to confirm the pity number, you would need to get the pity three times to make sure it was not a coincidence that you rolled the pity twice on the same number. And they would not be worth testing because it would be an insane waste of gems to find it. Therefore, I don’t think anybody would bother to test it.

well true.
but there is always someone who will go to such lengths for things like this.
but i still agree with your point.

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I spent 100 and got nothing and I thought I was unlucky

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They can just count it out, once a YouTube video announces you need to buy 250 items for this pity system then people will actually do this.

Is this inspired by the game Trove?

The game has a system that is really close to what you are describing, as you can see from the bar bellow the chest.
(The bar does not reset once you get a rare item though)

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Its inspired by several gacha games that have a roll system.

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In that case, there’s a simple solution: simply never tell anybody about the new pity feature. The pity feature is only to make a player feel better that they got at least one legendary and is not meant to be abused by really rich people.

I assure they will find it out. Really.

Even if they do find it, it would be useless to tell anybody about it. People won’t count 250 boosters, 1 legendary, if they don’t announce the pity system.

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1,000 or 2,500 rolls would be a great pity number. I’d say 2,000. But they must be within a time window of, say, 24 hours.