Pixel art animation: Basketball

Just finished making this.

It’s actually my first time to use aseprite so the animation is a bit choppy. I would greatly appreciate it if you give me some feedback! :blush:


MICHEL JORDN!!!11 transparent

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Yes! :laughing:

This was actually inspired by him lol

awesome!!!1!!!1 i do basketball for 2 years

What a well done edit! Haha I loved it. :smile:

Thanks guys! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That’s super cool! ^-^

Sweet! It’d be cool to see this as an item in-game, with this being a custom idle animation for when you’re wearing the ball, or something.

looks dope! nice pixelart, im figuring out how to make pixelart atm.

If you mean you’re learning how to make pixel art, then best of luck to you!

If you’re looking for something to make pixel art with though, then I’d recommend Pixilart, it’s pretty feature-rich, and it’s free.

oh thanks for the information, i will make sure to check it out later when got some free time.