Pixel Caphtca

It’ll appear on every 250th fish.
It’ll appear every time you break 450 farmables.
When the security question appears you have to answer in 10 seconds, otherwise mods will be notified.

Questions will be based on colors like:
Which item is red?

These questions will appear according to what language you use.

Different questions can be added to this feature, but this seems safest to me because there are so many kids playing the game and if the questions will be harder they can choose the wrong answer too much.


This would annoy me so god damn much


What about people who are colourblind? You might need a different question.
Either way, I don’t see the point in this.


Which item is the brightest?
Which Item is ultra rare? (And other rarities)

You are right there is soo many autofarming now Simple botting… this should be added.
For some reason this issue has been pressed down and kinda ignored.
*assumption from me its due so many youtubers are allowed to make it.

This actually is needed badly in game.

This would be really annoying, and kind of pointless too. It would punish genuine players more than it would punish people who are botting. Colourblind people would also have major issues with this.

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I believe that there would be solutions to use Captchas what have different just question and choose ur answer as from TXT.
Its annoying mainly to players who do play real and if they answer random 3-5 times correct , timer would change longer for Catcha redo.

*this would be major Annoying to players who will get their Alt running Autobots catched from doing Autobotting.

ps. I play as normal myself always for me its not annoying would be refreshing add due sometimes gettin tired / bored but still i do it … breaking tons SBs , over over over over again … Catcha should interupt Flask timer Counting until 10 sec is passed to answer.

You should read my previous post

There can also be other questions :
Which block is more complex (Shows complexity as a picture so people who actually don’t know can just read, but bots can’t)

I did read your post, but you’re not the creator of this thread; I wasn’t commenting on your recommendations.

I was simply stating that colourblind people would have major issues with this, which is a fact.

Your proposals would resolve the issue however, I know that.

Maybe item colors can be written on the top of the item.
I just gave an idea, some new things can be added, of course.

Or you can just add a “click to remove this” button so they have to manualluy click a button :smiley:

This is the hardest caphtca in the world


Add where is jake instead of Vietcong soldier

Yeah this kind of Pixel Caphtca is too difficult for colourblind people.

250th fish I could agree to but not 450th farmable, anyway I get the point. As long as it wouldn’t pop up too often I wouldn’t be against it.

I’ve seen captchas where you just have to slide your finger across the screen to a specific point so that wouldn’t be a problem for anyone either.

I do see the point. It’s kind of triggering to work for things knowing I’ll never get them just because the bots are always up and running.

@Sieggy i bet you can’t find jake :sunglasses:


not kinda love this
change 450 farm to 2500 farm it boring
i break over 500 per day so change to 2500


change it to a world with dropgame and players. tell them to find the mod

This kinda sounds like a hassle, especially the farming part. I know alot of farmers like to watch movies and just hold the punch button, so they may not see the caphtca.