Pixel Worlds Animation | ASDF Movie 5


Really Dope Mr turtle! Liked it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: !

I know it will going to nice, hehe

its been 2 years since i heard of the word ‘‘asdf’’ good animation!

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Oh, this is going to be good…

wew i pumpkintron noice

Out of all the people, why does Dby have to die :pensive:

love it <3
im in this video

As usual these are so fun to watch! Good job

I just watched the asdf 1 you made. I was frightened

That video is so unique and funny but does anyone know why it shows Canovar and Tyler doing the “Here, hold this” action?

Pretty creative created. :+1:

Haha loved it, did u made these animations, on green screen?

I missed this clip so i posted it in community post instead

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Very great! Thanks for making my day better :slight_smile:

@Snorlax pls go back to your original set

This demon maid is terrible

Which do you mean tho? Can you describe?

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