Pixel Worlds Birthday Bash

Imagine if Pixel Worlds had a birthday event, which is a version of secret base that is birthday themed. It could give items like a legendary cupcake launcher or an uncommon party hat. With tinkering, this could make an idea. Suggestions?

Too big an event for something small that happens once a year for a few days. It wouldn’t be worth the time and effort.

They have events such as Halloween, X-mas, etc, which only happen for 1 day IRL but for a while in-game.
Wouldn’t be a bad idea to have an extended anniversary event to celebrate a new year of Pixel Worlds in my opinion.

I think these kind of small events are good already, making a bigger update for this would cost a lot.

Although, I would be great if they could add something else to the mini anniversary event, more than just breaking and farming Magic Stuff.


Those events last that long as they are literally the month’s update. Anything added is planned months in advance and buys them time to continue making more stuff for future updates. Unless you’re suggesting the January update be reserved for a Pw anniversary update every year, I wouldn’t expect anything as big as a pve world. An additional smaller event is possible.