Pixel Worlds Conspiracy #39354 - Is him really him?

What if Jake has been trolling us for the entire time? What if that person we always see in the videos is just a result of good editing and the actual Jake looks entirely different? That could change the entire way of thinking about him as a person. A person that tries to hide themselves by his good editing skills.

Of course, the streams just have a video of that person talking on loop, and no actual camera…

More details on this conspiracy, TOP SECRET!

Like if I actually believe that. It’s just a thread to mock how absurd conspiracies actually are. How would a large microchip be inserted via an extremely small needle? 5G is literally just radio waves, like 4G, 3G, 2G, 1G, or microwaves, or literally talking.
“if we needed face masks, the body would develop them itself” - do you wear shoes? If so, this is invalid.

I don’t understand a single thing about what this is about. If you’re saying that all conspiracy theories are just nonsensical ■■■■■■■■■ well, you can believe that. I don’t. Conspiracy theory is a theory that cannot be proven due to access limitation. It’s closely tied to shady government activities mostly. As a regular civilian, you do not have clearance to know what’s happening behind the scene. Some people, however, are more receptive to notice some ripples that are caused by these shady people scheming something. Can they prove it? Maybe some day later. Right now? Most likely not.

So your saying Jake is either a AI Robot, someone else (impersonating) or ugly?

You probably have trust issues


You don’t need to understand any of this, let him play with his imagination.