Pixel Worlds Faces

This is just a dump for some face edits i made
face1 face2 face3 face4 face6 face7 face5 face10 face8 face11 face9 face12 face14 face15 face17 face16 face20 face19 face18

And to end it off i present to you… THE POG EMOTE

PS: These are all jokes obviously


Pogchamp emote when?

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I’d like to see evil smile face >:D

I wanna see these emotes with my perfect h**** mask.

4th face do be confused doe

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#6, When you consume lemon

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“You’re kidding… right?”

“…Of course.”

“You wanna run that by me again?”

Loses sanity

“Everything’s gone.”

Just about to sneeze

Stubs toe

(I love these faces LOL)


I’d buy a pogchamp face.