Pixel Worlds Facts Tab

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-Must have proof it is a fact
-Must not be a joke

This is the most viewed video of Pixel Worlds History:

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im pretty sure this is the most viewed pw video not made by pixelworldsgame



This was the older cover art

And theese are the soundtracks of the game https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1hPK8nl8Cbi0vY7fb9lukRHq2FYn4VpyT

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As a nod to Minecraft’s “Minceraft” title screen easter egg, there is a 1/1000 chance of your title screen saying “Sussy Baka” instead of “Pixel Worlds”.


is this a joke? im literally flaming rn

yea, thats the most viewed video not made by the official channel. But the most viewed video of ALL TIME was the one I screenshotted.

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Ok I do not know if thats even real

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The Pixelstation Music is the only music that nobody, except the developers, can use

The game is named as “Pixel Worlds”. :slight_smile:


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bro jokes are fine not everything has to be serious.

Yeah Only og knows it :wink:

long time ago pixel worlds name was portal worlds

this is meant to be a tab full of facts people may or may not know.

One of the music tracks in-game is called Commander Ken - an obvious nod to the 80s game series Commander Keen! In fact it could also be hypothesized that Commander_K named himself after the game’s titular character

They gave all sound assets to us to use in the ad contest