Pixel Worlds Fanmade OST

The Fanmade OST Playlist Here!

This is a playlist of several fanmade songs I made for Pixel Worlds. I did post these on the old forums, but I thought I’d post them here too.
All of these songs are my original takes on various aspects of Pixel Worlds. It’s a little outdated though, and I still have a couple themes I’d like to do or redo, but I think 14 songs is a pretty decent amount.

Also this is in the “other” category because the focus of it is the music, rather than being a normal YouTube video you sit down and watch.

Edit: Now that I’m listening to these old songs again… I kinda feel like I wanna make some more :eyes:


Listened to the black tower soundtrack, actually sounds pretty good! Keep it up

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Please pretend I’m liking all of your posts right now… :sob:


This is a mood :pensive:

This truly says something about society… :pensive:

Wow, this is really good!

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Joestar is shype???

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I was Shype, yeah, but not these days.

Now you are a fellow Joestar.

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Whoa! That’s a lot of hard work! You did a really great job!

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