Pixel worlds Halloween 2021 Concept

So since 2021 is coming up so here’s some things I’ve want in Pixel worlds 1 Michael Myers mask mechanic suit rarity common 2 leatherface set and rarity chainsaw weapon rare rarity uncommon for the leatherface set sawed off shotgun blue torn shirt chainsaw hand rarity rare return the pixel head mask they 2017 limited item back from the dead one eyed potato sack mask rarity uncommon weird syringe turns players into zombies limited time items are cracked doll mask and wings of the undead and lost pwr armor dark grey with a skull inside the helmet candy demons limited rewards are cursed chainsaw 200 candies decrepit hockey mask 100 candies reference to Friday the 13th part 7 decayed jacket 100 candies cursed machete 300 candies old worn gloves 600 candies and the whole set is armor
decayed jacket 100 candies old worn gloves 100 candies cursed machete 500 candies alright some more things like a jack Torrance axe and set and Grady twins set and killer doctor set and more Ouija board phrases like did you know that a young boy drowned ALL NO WORK AND NO PLAY MAKE JACK A DULL BOY and guy narrates the Texas chainsaw massacre intro like and more Ouija board phrases so make this in October 2021

No offense but all of this being one massive sentence with no breaks makes it almost impossible to read.
That being said, some of these things would make alright reference suggestions.


I’d like to see some kind of Jack in the box prop that will pop out a clown ( Like the movie) that can kill you or force you to do :open_mouth: face like poop prop

Oh that jack in the box from Krampus?

I subbed yah so have you seen Jake commander k? Endless did masterbruce retire

A bit early I must say but these are some good concepts and may I suggest not making it one long sentence as it makes it hard to understand like @Bluvox mentioned