Pixel Worlds is in sorta a weird space right now

As a dude playing Pixel Worlds for almost 2 years you can expect me to see the more drama-filled side of the game. Especially on Instagram.

Pixel Worlds is a great game (don’t get me wrong) however the game is sort of in a weird space right now…let me explain.

Card games

One thing the community has been complaining about for months is a Nether revamp. Now granted I understand them - after all when I was still on Discord, I swear, words along the lines of “nether revamp” could be heard all the time. The Nether is just too monotonous and it hasn’t seen any significant changes to it ever since it was created. But the developers choose instead to focus on adding new features to the game like the Jet Race. Y’all know how that turned out.

But I’m personally interested in those card games. The card games have been an immense hit on the community - after all practically all of my friends have cards now! But I have a problem with card games.
According to Wikipedia, “feature creep” is the excessive adding of features to something which goes beyond the basic functions of that something. Pixel Worlds seems to be suffering with this problem.

Card games, while good and all, don’t build upon the game’s basic premise of “building worlds”. Now you could argue that this is just a fun pastime to play with your Discord friends, but personally IMO the devs should add features that BUILD upon the basic premise.

Community and mods

This is the more controversial part of the community. Many times on PW Instagram I see people complaining that they’re banned for no reason, the mods not wanting to communicate and/or cooperate, and people just complaining about the large number of scams happening every second.

Now, I don’t hate mods, but I always see people complaining about the mods’ lack of moderation. Now I get it - mods are humans and humans are imperfect, but personally I would like to see some more diligent moderators being added to the mod team.

The News Tab

Y’all know that part of the Pixel Worlds homescreen, the News tab, located in the lower left corner. It is the most useless part of the PW homescreen - but it doesn’t have to be! Since there are lots of scams and hacks and duplication glitches happening, the devs could add some of those anti-scam or anti-dupli messages to the news tab, so that the less-educated people can know how to avoid getting scammed, hacked, or banned.

Community itself

The game has experienced quite a lot of players over the past few years. With a playerbase of 2 million players, it’s not gonna be easy to satisfy them all. But the community has taken…a darker turn.

The community has now been a bit more toxic over the following months, probably because the game’s popularity is now attracting Growtopia players, most of which are good, but some of which are bad apples.

This then causes discord in the community and makes the experience a bit worse for everyone else. I would like people here to be less toxic than they actually are. I’d suggest adding a small “rules of conduct” or “how to make the experience better for everyone” in the news or help menu.

These are all of my little stuff that I’ve compiled together to show y’all why Pixel Worlds is in a weird spot right now. If you disagree with anything, please let me know! And if you have anything to add, I’d love to hear from you! :smiley:


I agree with everything here.

About the drama it is really stupid. Once i saw someone saying that he wants new members in his clan but they need to pay cuz the clan is lvl 10. I send a gm where i said that most of the times i have seen people kicked a day after they paid to join such kind of clans MOST NOT ALL and smh a gm war started after that

As I said before, and will probably say many times again. They should focus on improving old features instead of implementing new ones, so I completely agree with this statement.