Pixel worlds Mod Application submission

As an active and helpful player, I am confident that I possess the qualities necessary to become a moderator in this game that requires active participation and collaboration. I believe that my ability to consistently demonstrate a positive attitude and eagerness to help others are my greatest strengths. I always try my best to listen to the opinions and perspectives of others, and I am open to feedback and constructive criticism. Additionally, I am dedicated to staying engaged and motivated, even in challenging situations, and I believe that this unwavering commitment to success will enable me to inspire and motivate others to work hard and achieve their goals. Overall, I strongly believe that my ability to be an effective, active and supportive player makes me an ideal candidate to become a moderator in pixel worlds.

Thank you and hope someone can help me become a moderator​:heart::heart_hands:much love

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Have you enter the form on the mod application?

Good luck

I responded soon after I made this post thank you so much for the information I would love to become a moderator🫶much love again

Expressing it in a post on the PW forums as to why you would want to become a Moderator and what would make you the adequate candidate for the position/job isn’t quite ideal for the the Admins and for the Developers to choose you over someone else. That just shows you’re desperate and impatient, I know you like helping people and you are helpful from what I’ve read in your post. You have got to prove and show to them that you are being helpful and involved within the Pixel Worlds community. Posting and begging for the position and title isn’t suggestible to do. Just for future references.

But Good luck, Aoekin ~

Doesn’t addressing your application publicly lower your chance of being accepted? Or does it not matter?