Pixel worlds needs more voice creators

Lets be honest here, PW content is mostly text to speech or just typing with cringe non-copyright music in the background, PW content needs a drastic change like facecam or voice videos to increase pixelworlds content quality.


This guy makes pretty good content


i could, but im currently a sitting duck without a pc

That would be cool.

Sounds like a robot. I doubt it is real speech.

Pro Youtuber

I kinda agree with that? Sounds like text to speech tbh :dizzy_face:

bro… are you fr rn??? ong… :astonished:

yeah i’ve watched some of his videos they are good.

Buy me a studio microphone and I will make videos just for you

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I mean, if somebody does make content similar to how Technoblade makes, I might watch it.

To the point, no clickbait, actually showing expression in their speech and some editing (not just plain out gameplay).

I assume this is because most Pixel Worlds content creators are just kids/teens who wanna make good videos but can’t because they might not have a good mic, they might have a noisy environment, or they’re not fond of their voice. I personally have all 3 problems, and that’s why I don’t make Pixel Worlds content until, say, I get a respectable mic and a good voice, because my voice is kind of cringy. Furthermore, most people don’t do facecams because their webcam is awful (I’m looking at you, Apple), their background is awful, or they don’t want to show their face just yet. As for the cringy NCS music - yeah I agree with you, many people could just dig down deeper and find actually good bg music or, if they’re crazy enough, produce it themselves


Well I can solve the editing part, maybe I’ll become someone’s editor (Changing cringy NCS music, adding transitions, cutting, making the thumbnail, etc), but since they won’t probably pay me in money, I still suspect editing for bytes is illegal

It is, since you can’t trade non-game anything with an in-game anything

Games12 and Parmashawn do voice overs

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BPup would be a good example for videos with voice over

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would be nice. I used to be a facecam/voice tuber for PW, but one of the reasons i stopped was because there is nothing that it fun to turn into a video for pixelworlds.
The game is mostly grind and farming, which just isn’t very interesting to watch.
Opening boosters can be fun but it requires a lot of off screen grinding or real-money purchases to do consistently.

The guy has the same name as me

This guy sounds and looks like my friend but older

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That’s a great idea. Would definitely add an in-depth explanation and maybe grab more attention to the player.