Pixel Worlds not responding in Tablet

Hello again,
My clan member doesn’t want to post on forums, so I will help him resolve her problem on my behalf. Her concern is that whenever she opens her account in Pixel Worlds on her tablet, it turns out like this:

Here is the video of the bug occurred on my clan member’s tablet:


Hoping for your response,

Uhmm I am currently on tablet and nothing’s wrong…

I don’t know about my clan member, I’m waiting for her response right now.

It has to be her/his device problem because I have played pw on tablet over a year…

Could you be more specific?

What kind of device is it? What OS version does it have? When did it begin?

Tell them to reboot the device, if it doesn’t work, tell them to download the game again.

Noted with thanks.
P.S: I told her that, maybe now the problem is her -_-