Pixel Worlds Pet Peeves

What are small aspects of Pixel Worlds that irritate you?

The main thing that annoys me is when something gets added to the shop (for an event or something), and whenever I play on PC and mobile for the first time since the item is added, I always have to go through the shop and clear out the new item banners, because they’re annoying.

There’s also another, smaller thing. On the main menu, on the ‘Worlds’ tab, when I’m playing on PC, a small white line in the background will float past occasionally, and I notice it all the time.


The same as your first one and occasional crashes

It might just be my computer’s fault, but sometimes when I’m doing jet races or mining world, my connection drops and I lose the stuff (I think it’s my computers fault because it doesn’t only happen in pixel worlds). Also when going through the PWE, when I’m searching through the items it starts to glitch, scrolling the items all the way back up again. Also sometimes jet races lag.

I like to afk fish, and one thing that annoys me is when im next to another fisher, his rod sound can throw me off sometimes

i feel the same XD thats why i rather be alone fishing, cause i might pull it if i heard the strike sound XD . but if youre all alone and you hear something bittin your bait theres something wrong in the world , paranormal activity XD

When an item that you really wanted but rised in value cause it got hoarded.

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When people add me even though I don’t know them.

Man, that just sucks.

I can partially relate to the connection dropping during mining. On the first couple days of the mining update being released, I was working my way through a level 4 mine, so I could combine the platinum nuggets into a key, and sell it, and my game crashed half way through the mine. It was super irritating, so I gave up for the day.

This has happened to me more times than I’d like to admit, lol. I stick around in the popular fishing worlds though, since it’s nice to socialize. It helps to keep fishing from getting boring.

Or when you sell an item, and it immediately rises after… :joy:

Pixel Station is a nightmare for that. :woozy_face:

Someone walks up:
“hey you donate wl cos you pro”
“bro you pro give me wl dude”
Now, I know that there are actual newbies who actually need stuff to get good in game and I do donate regularly. But when someone asks for it impolitely I get real pissed, who are they to command me that I must give them stuff? I would prefer if they asked politely, and like something on the lines of this:
“hi, could you donate me something? I would really appreciate it if you could give me something”
Those are the people who I actually donate to.
Sorry if this offended anyone.

It’s irritating when people are impolite, I can resonate with that.
I was in PIXELMINES, and someone was asking for 1 silver nugget, so they could enter the level 3 mine. I traded with them, and gave them the nugget, and then they just entered the mine. They didn’t even bother to thank me, found it a little rude.

Doesn’t know the price of an item
Studies what other people are selling them for
Tries to sell something for a price similar to theirs
“Noob it’s like 50 wls less scammer wtf report to jake wtf noob”

This is why PWE is superior.

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Chad PWE.

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When you’re in a room giveaway and you see your favorite type of parkour/jump
And then the host nerfs it

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When you’re in the Nether and the GAME DISCONNECTS YOU FOR SOME RANDOM REASON :sob:

Just when you thought you got a new quest from the bot.
You entered PIXELSTATION just to see a red exclamation mark on the wrong damn bot. That cheeky Spotify looking WOTW Bot…

I don’t care about WOTWs that much, and just hate it when the game notifies you about a new WOTW being chosen, instead of a new quest being available

Not being able to remove favorited worlds while on the menu. you have to enter each world and un-favorite

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When I don’t hear the sound of a falling snowflake until it reaches the water below me and I’m no longer able to catch it.

When people spam shoutguns or other irritating weapons next to your character.

When people follow … nah… CHASE you down in worlds to ask for items and after receiving an item they call you a noob for not giving them enough. Now it irritates me when they ask for items alone

When people claim to be selling an item and ask you to join this random world then you realize you’re trapped in a loop between worlds until you close the app. Fancy. Adorable ^.^

When the friends/clan window glitches and stays open the entire secret base run, you don’t want to relog and lose those particles you know…

When you farm blocks and the ones on the 3rd row (when using a 3 ranged weapon) refuse to break

When you try to fish and keep spamming the space key on your keyboard but you can’t catch the fish or when you can’t use the chat after finally catching the fish.

Same i have the exact problem

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