Pixel worlds records

i want to try collect some pixel worlds records mostly because im bored and here’s what i need help with

  1. making up world records
  2. people trying to beat world records
  3. and finding what the record for something is

here is what i have so far I brainstormed a few records i came up with 39 records split into 5 groups speedrunning ,most ,first ,ratings and other

some of these i am sure are records some might be and some definitely aren’t a lot is filled with me getting the record because for some its hard to check who has the record

what i have so far edit:(updated version)

i also know that some of these records are stupid thats why i need people to tell me which to keep and some ones to add. I want to make this official i guess i know i can’t do that myself so if it could be a group thing because there are lots of videos and stuff about a world record and pixel worlds isn’t on speedrun.com or anything so we don’t really know if the record is a record or not.

im not really sure what else to say maybe someone could make an online book idk the pixel worlds records that would be awesome. i hope this post gets a bit of traction and people reply and help out and maybe try attempt records

also for the ratings should i scrap it or maybe just make it less because now thinking about it 8 records for just ratings might be a bit much

looking forward to your replys.

if there will be any :upside_down_face: :sweat_smile:


These are not records, they cannot be beaten.


I would say scrap the idea of ratings and the oldest player


Weirdly I think the most undtradable items actually is me. Especially if we include pets or if we count Halloween candies, etc. separately rather than stacks.

But uh just for the list, you said wotd instead of wotw. I’d like to see an actual correct version of this.

Edit: ahhh forget the wotw part then

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Wotd is wings of the deep

Not wotw

First wotw oct 2020??? Wow i feel so old

Yeah I suppose had not really thought about that

I’ll do that if a few more people agree

is this for different items? cuz if not i have more than jackbyrne

i agree with them920 chars)

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Is actually Yus the oldest account? Hmmm, I thought it was MidnightWalker, game programmer.


I highly doubt, the most gems collected, and most blocks broken are held by you. I’m pretty sure I have more in both areas. But for sure people have way more of both areas then I. Also I think oldest player, first butterfly pet, and first wings of the deep. Can’t be beaten so there not really “Records”.

yes, midnightwalker has oldest account, since he is programmer and tester of this whole thing.

This is what i said in my post

And i was trying to go with the oldest player not dev and yus probably isnt the oldest player he is pretty close tho but thats why i made this topic do you know who the oldest player is?

Im quite sure i said in my post that some of these are held by me because its hard to check who actually has the record and elijah if you do have more blocks and gems broken
Just reply with an ss and i can put you in there as the record holder for now.

Most blocks broken is by The_Governor and he broke 3 million + blocks image

Thanks bro I’ll update it now if anybody thinks a record is beaten just reply here :grinning:

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Don’t forget u dont have the most gems xD, im sure the_governor has more since he dug 3,000,000 blocksimage

Ik lol I just put myself in because I couldn’t find any pictures of someone breaking and collecting blocks and gems

Same with the pixelmines record someone can probs beat it

siethy has significantly more blocks broken. last i saw he was at 8mil although it is definitely more by now.

Cool I’ll add that if you can show an ss I’m sure your telling the truth but i can’t really take everyone’s word for it

I’m sorry, I found it lol image