Pixel Worlds Rift

Could i t be that maybe the password in the password portal is the word ‘‘emerald’’ in any way?
I’m thinking about this because in nether the nether vender said once while i passed him ‘‘the password is emerald. Oh wait you are not… (don’t remember what came then)’’
Maybe that has a meaning to this, but idk.
Sadly I couldn’t take a screen shot when the vender said this.
I couldn’t even like reproduce by walking pass him.
maybe i was just unlucky.
Also i couldn’t read the whole message, so maybe something important was behind.
Anyways i just want to say.


That could be a possibility. My clanmate mentioned this ages ago as well, I figured back then that he could be right. It’s just a bold assumption but I personally think it could be pretty solid. Guess time will tell xD


I changed the category to Lore because it only makes sense


No lmao like a hundred people already tried that.


I think that was the first thing people tried.
Now players are just trying to guess it.


So i saw a password portal in PIXELMINES but we cant enter that place, maybr it have to do somethig with lore?

If you are just now knowing about the lore maybe asking here isn’t a good idea. Here is a discord server dedicated to solving and making theories on the lore

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What is this thing called Lore?
I Thought people have already forgotten about it.

Seems like they didn’t and still are trying to solve a unsolvable puzzle, running in circles and not realizing theres no end to it.

And there never will be one…


Only time will tell the truth, New…
All we can do now is wait.

But i mean emerald is so many possibilities.
it could be ‘‘Emerald’’ or ‘‘emerald’’ or ‘‘EMErald’’ or something.
Ofc it should make sense but still there are many possibilities how u write the word.

others probably have already tried that tbh

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Here is the screenshot, took it for you:

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Also, you know what? Maybe “emerald” is not related to that portal at all. Maybe it is a password to an account, which is a “dummy” account set up by the devs, and I’ve thought about the following scenarios on what is on the account:

  • Their inventory might have some sort of dev item, containing information about the lore.
  • They might have a world in their favorites, which will be lore related.
  • They might have access to the locked PIXELMINES door.
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Why would devs make an accessible account with unreleased items in it…That doesn’t make any sense.


well that password would be worked in password portal in ADE i think?

Nah it doesn’t work in ade @tutulek2 many have tried

Imagine everyone been working on this lore. At the beginning people have found clues and leads to continue solving the lore until it changed, clues no more for solving it.

that should happened later in year 2021-2022

i think that all Lore is about old Pixelians that are gone from our civilization Pixel worlds and that the statue of warior and miner would be these the bosses in game :thinking:

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Nah I don’t think the statues would be the bosses, maybe the statues represent the leader of each clan faction or something like that