Pixel Worlds stopped working

Sorry to put it as general only did, so it gets seen I guess? So I have uninstalled/restarted my pc/Wi-Fi and I still can’t play PW, so I thought maybe it was steam I uninstalled it, and it still won’t work, so I used Microsoft, and it works but… It’s just terrible, so I tried again, yet it failed to launch I reset PW data clicked “new game” won’t work, so I log in and when I do, I can’t click on recent worlds etc I clicked on pixel station it was loading for 30 seconds and just stopped and put me back to main menu tried to log out, but it gives a green screen once I press “Log Out” here is a photo of my name censored of it

as it shows it is a grey screen and I can’t get out of it except restarting it may show the no Wi-Fi symbol, but I have 30mb download speed, 27 ping or maybe less when playing PW, so I don’t know what’s wrong, I did think it was maybe an error like I did not have the PW server I.P in my files but I don’t know? Sorry for making this long.

Report issues in #site-feedback:bug-reports
Have you tried updating your pc?
Maybe @Dev could help

Thank you for responding, but I have my pc fully updated.

why did you cover your name? Unless there something sus going on there is no need. Also, have you done anything to the games files? such as moving stuff around? Because that will cause a error.

No it’s just I like my name private ehhh. Anyway I don’t remember changing any game files because PW just randomly stopped working, and I never mess with game files even if I did I uninstalled it and re-installed it, yet it still won’t work.

consult this problem with dev. We can’t really help much. Unless its @shawn of course.

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It gets seen no matter where you put it something in feedback and help would be just as likely to be seem

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And what would Shawn do

Put your recovery email, you should do it this isn’t how to fix it but you really should

You could play at Microsoft then. The UI corrupted for some reasons which I don’t know. Maybe your PC, Pixel Worlds itself or Steam, etc.

Because he is under no obligation to show his name. He may choose to show or hide his in game account name. And if he does pick to hide his name, it does not make it suspicious.

I wasn’t asking them to show their name, i was fulfilling my curiosity for why they did not, notice i said they, unlike you i am not assuming their gender.

I uninstalled steam already, and it still doesn’t work, so I swapped to a different pc, and it worked but all the other games on steam worked still, so I’d assume it’s a problem with pixel worlds.

Its either your PC or the game that makes it corrupted.

You did not, however you stated:

That’s where it’s wrong. He is not required to do so, and it does not suggest anything.

Okay, not sure how that’s important. Stay on the topic.

@Starfire1174 please move this to the help or bugs category, thanks.

I have no idea why this is happening. If it was a problem with your network then It wouldn’t let you login to PW menu at all. Its pretty useless for people to try and guess, so just give your device information (model, android or apple, etc) and also whatever else you think might be useful so that Dev can take a look at it.

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