Pixel worlds Summer Vidcon

If you have participated in the summer Vidcon, here’s the update:

Pin said he is going to post a video today so you can know about that

So make sure to check his channel!

Pin’s alt moment

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At this point everyone is Pin’s alt


pins alt moment

You are literally Pin’s alt :rage: :rage: :angry: :sunglasses: :smiley:



are you pin… alt? bru-

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Damn I am checking that

how alt

he is notificationing EVERYBODY about pinn’s channel

ghost not alt cielcs

im pretty sure they were joking

Not a word + he said check his channel :roll_eyes: duh

so check channel saying with mouth is other people alt ok sorry i cant spell or have good englis so im sus, kkkkk i get u

no one said that. why are you acting so weird.

Clarification: Me, OpJr and PIN are good friends, our friendship is stronger than the atomic force required to break a nitrogen atom. (In the scale of you being an atom)

Pick your friends carefully
Genuine advice


That’s what I did.
In a place of over 100 People, I chose 2.
They seemed better than everybody with everything.

Trust me, I met Pin longer than you have (Or maybe not but the point is I met him since months and months ago) and I can say I can never really enjoy talking to him (Alot of people feel the same way after meeting him)

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Well I do enjoy talking with him.
I may have not known him since like months ago, but I inteteracted with him more. I know his personality more, probably.