Pixel Worlds Tutorial Revamp & new beginner quests!

Once you’ve completed the mini-tutorial in the world TUTORIAL2 (the place where you’d be forcefully buy set, place & breakblocks, and spray the tree.) then you will be going to leave the world to visit PIXELSTATIONS. when visiting the world, the tutorial ends. But just what if a pop-up screen says “Do you want to continue an advance tutorial” with a description of “You can learn more to the game to know why it’s worth playing it”. Once pressed cancel, a forced pop-up screen of this will be shown if you leave the world (just like the iap offers). But once you’ve pressed Accept. you will be doing this activity by the following:

Accepts advanced tutorial -> use red scroll and kill 10 mobs to get 1 Pixelian Sword -> once completed the nether, a Pixelian wings will be bestowed upon you. -> You need to collect 2.000 gems to continue -> after collecting 2k gems, You will be forced to go to PIXELMINES and buy 1 crappy pickaxe -> once bought, you will be forced to enter tier 1 -> get at least 20 nuggets and or break 5 gemstones and escape the world -> get 60gems to continue the quest -> after having 500 gems, you will be going to PIXELSTATIONS, buy a 500 bamboo rod and a lure -> warp to FISHING-101 -> fish at least 1 fish -> after this, you will have to sell at least 1 item in PWE and the Tutorial ends.

(Might not listed some things)

New Beginner’s Quest that is mentioned above:
(Just like getting xp and gems after completing each beginner quests)
X1 - Pixelian Sword (Common, Damage - 100, Critical Hit - 1%)
Obtainable after killing 10 mobs in NETHER.

X1 - Pixelian Wings (Common, Double Jump Ability)
Obtainable after completing the nether or completing the advanced tutorial?

Tl;dr > Advanced tutorial pop-up shows up after doing the first tutorial, you need to nether and save up to 2000 gems to proceed on to mines, buy crappy pickaxe and complete the objective, save 600 for bamboo rod and lure, catch atlest 1 fish. then lastly, sell 1 item in pwe and should be sold successfully and the tutorial ends.

I’ve heard The PW Admins are going to improve the tutorial, just suggesting it off. Probably they’ll make it better than my suggestion.

What do you think? Disagree? Reply down why.

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This is nice but giving every single player in game wings that’s a big no so your saying that every single player would get wings what would the point of sprite wings be?

there would be no more single jump everybody and I mean every single could would have wings this would cause those wings to drop to about 40 byte this would ruin double jump

Rich players ( greedy wolves):
They fly now!

Im pretty sure only 10% of starters want learn more, it could be like “u must complete before we can continue” and if ur not completing it, and just leave the game, when u come back tutorial continues, exact there when u left from game.

To @Orangehairguy > I forgot that item existed lmao, thanks for the feedback

To @Fazeus > I was thinking about it, but thinked players might be annoyed by it. That could work too!

Nice idea but unnecessary.