Pixel world's update problem

Pixel World’s has had a new update and it hasn’t updated at all, not even showed it. I asked SISKEA (a admin) and she said it is fixed, I will contact the support team but It is likely other people have the shame issue.

hi jakey do you use microsoft store?

I’m quite surprised to know that Siskea is actually more cooperative and responsive than most of the current moderation team in PW .-.

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Microsoft store version is extremely neglected

You can force the update in MS store by reinstalling the game but it really should have realized that there’s a new version by now.

I suggest you play it at steam since you get the updates immediately, Microsoft has to accept the update first and yet they’d haven’t yet ://

We’re pushing another update to MS Store today (1.6.72). It’ll be the exact same game as before, it’s just to force the update.

Wait 1.6.72?
Steam is 1.6.71

Yes, but if we try to replace the existing build, I’m sure the client stores won’t understand that it’s an update and the problem persists.

Ah. I see