Pixelians aren't alone

Let’s take a moment to think about the fact that these two girls know of a different race of beings that exist out there that aren’t pixelians or dungeon monsters.
(I know so because if the dungeon monsters saw this as a symbol of authority, don’t you think they’d be hesitant to attack those wearing this?)
I wonder what kind of societies they have? It makes me also wonder about how they exist in relation to pixelians. Do they have their own small worlds to build in, or do they have larger more unified planets?

This race might be a more “primitive” one considering that a halo is considered a symbol of high authority, which seems to imply some kind of hierarchy kind of system, which is typically seen as more fantasylike or primitive.
Although it’s also a common trope in sci-fi media that there are “galactic empires” which also use a hierarchy type of system, so this is really just a shot in the dark.

I could be overthinking things but… That’s the fun part about being a farfetched theorist.


There is also references to a place called “Pixel-dur” in the fantasy stuff.

As well as references to a land that exists in the sky from both the bird shaman item descriptions and the left side of the world ADE


i thought it was connected to Jet Race.

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Not to mention about “Anur-Endu”, a chaotic world spoken from the mole vendor, as well as “The Pixel Eagle” which is based from the Feather’s description.

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There also is a place called Kan’cula with a notorious well. I am not sure if it is a reference I don’t get, just some “irrelevant” made up stuff or lore related.

It is mentioned in the Quest "Make a wish"

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