Pixelians, how are you guys doing as of today?

I haven’t been here since quite a while, got nostalgic over a song that I used to listen to when chilling/farming/designing in Pixel Worlds (the song in question being Solitude from PW).

Imo it’s the most chill song ever (alongside Minecraft OST), I still remember back in 2017 when I got my first gramophone and that was the first song I had in my world, and still remained the same along the years.
but anyways,
It’s been a while, as of today I changed for the better, got help mentally, and I apologize to everyone who I’ve had beef with in my years of development.

How you guys doing?

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The man, myth, and legend has returned.

We chillin. Hope you keep up the positive and optimistic lifestyle. :ok_hand: :+1:

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myth? legend? T-T since when
Not confirmed I’m going to return, seen the prices, I needed about few hundred quantum safes, not anymore xD

Good to hear that. More positive than ever, hope u keeping up the same