Pixelians , what did you learn in this game?

All I learnt from this game is to not trust humanity.
I don’t trust any soul on the planet.
And that someday in life , you will have good friends , that will get richer and leave you.
Or backstab you.

Curious what y’all learnt in this game.

The richer you are, the greedier you are.
Be happy with what you have, and do not envy on what others have.

Never trust anyone, they WILL at some point have the minds of back stabbing you. Some will take the chances immediately, some will lie in wait…


all i know is i really love this game since i got really bored off in growtopia
i play pw enjoy-ly but i have no friends to play with… sadpwlife

There are always people that will provide help as well as knowledge of showing gratitude

Not to waste too much time grinding for wls, because for me it doesn’t make me happy.

I learnt the basics of how to handle my currency (WLs) and to not spend them irresponsibly and how to make more through trading and timing.

The game encouraged me to learn about things outside of the game, like;

  • Video editing
  • public speaking
  • photo editing
  • programming (big one)

world lock good, collect world lock, many world lock=being cool

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Learned a bit of pixel art ( even though im still bad)
Learned that trusting others is still really your choice, and trusting them doesn’t necessarily mean you have to risk anything

God damn that’s some luck you got

Well i learned how the real life trader get profit

I learnt english,pixel arts and to manage my “money” i would say.

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You have to pay attention to item values and prices to make a profit or else you will get scammed

Keeping goals in mind. Once I achieved my goal I simply got bored and played for my friends. Got banned so my motivation was to get a ton of pls back, achieved that as well in a couple months. Back to square one with no motivation.

I realized that in this game you can’t trust anyone other than Jake Commander and the rest of the mods and admins there are scammers and they can be friends with you for 2-3 years and then they will cheat and hurt so much that you won’t forget it you can only trust your relatives and mods, that’s what I understood from this game

I’m rich but I don’t consider myself greedy. I sometimes buy stuff from people for more wls than they sell it for, because Why not? I’m rich. He probably needed the extra wls more than I do

Then you are one of the few “special” ones…


You can’t trust mods.

Pay attention or get scammed

Was that meant to be a joke or is that serious?

Improved my language.