Pixelians , what set should I use?

Heya , I am trying to change my set and I don’t know which one.
that is the current one I have.

I don’t know which one to pick :

You can creat one too , but to contain 100% Black emo hair & Pink earring.
Thanks :wink:

Credit to Bluvox :

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All looks great except the bear one imo
I’d choose the one with the antler as it also matches your familiar in some way

I like the antler one and the clover wing one best tbh.
For the clover one though, you could possibly switch out some parts with the Spraypainting set pieces (I forgot what it’s called)

Last one (green).

Maybe add green full suit?

Third one, i always loved the goofy face of the bear sets

Blue Teddy Bear reminds me of “I am stalking Jake” vibes.

I kinda like the first one

By far the second one looks pretty dope.