Pixelians , what was your first ban , and when?

My first ban was for hosting drop games (scamming) .Short story I got scammed by drop game so I started hosting and was the most trusted drop game by 2017.

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I had been peer pressured to spam the N-word in the global message. Pretty sure Commander_K banned me because the last thing i saw when i opened the friends menu was someone in blue PWR amour in the corner of my eye

(Note this was on my SpoiledZombie account which is one of the major reasons i had made another account)

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My first ban was from my friends hosting a drop game on my world, I have no idea what’s going on and I don’t know what was drop games back then, then Kurrakukku banned me (only 24 hours). (I never have a 2nd ban, since I’m pure :slight_smile: )

Never got a ban in my entire PW life…

Never had a ban, never plan to have one. I want to be a good little pixelian

Yeah that’s cool and all but I want to be banned for talking about frosted soil still not being farmable

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I’m sure with enough spam, that’s possible. I don’t recommend it however.

Zithi please give me more frosted soil this process is pain

I don’t even have any.

Damn it ok stream late too

I only have been banned one time and that’s caused of mannequin bug/glitch when the mining update come. I got banned a total of 3 days only (because I contact support but at the first time), after I contact support I got unbanned and duplicated items gone but I don’t get the items that I lost back, then I contact Jake on discord to take back my lost items.

I want to get banned

Why like just why do you want a ban
Aslo if u get ban during xmas calender 25th day u get a coal block

I haven’t been banned

I was banned in 2018, it’s pretty funny tho. I was in a fishing world and someone started being really weird and sexual so I reported them. But then I also started swearing at them because I was mad so when I assume a mod came they banned me for 3 days for swearing :joy:


got an hour ban for swearing in a private world with friends despite the filter existing. pretty sure i was being stalked by a certain someone (my no. 1 fan). don’t remember when it was. maybe last year or the year before.

Never had one so far.

Never had a ban and i dont want to get;)
May Someone have reported me cuz i didnt donated to noob

Got warning for swearing tbh I don’t really swear that much in pw anymore no point getting banned

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I’ve been banned with my bro back in 2017 for having Norman’s mod hoodie that my bro got from a hacker. He bought for lep cape and after some time 20-30 mins we suddenly got a ban. That was unexpected so we sent an email to pw and to forum telling the whole story. Eventually we got unban by Dev and my bro even got returned his lep cape.
Special thx to MidnightWalker for helping me. Cuz he’s the only admin who’s responded to me and helped me. The other admins (C_k, Jake tho) who ive asked for help to ignored lol
That was pretty funny but id prefer not to remember that sht tho haha lel. :rofl: :sweat_smile: :grin: :blush: