Pixelians, what was your "It was at that moment, you knew..." moment?

For me, when I was a idiot guy who got skemmed a lot, Ghustie was actually there for it:

I went to world with dropgame

I told ghust

There was that other guy there who had rights to lock etc etc

he drop 1 wl

I try drop 1 wl to bait him but misclick and drop trident instead

I realized i was dropping the wrong thing but it was too late, i clicked as soon as i thought that.

Mes got skemmed

When someone was giving away 1 PL and there are already hackers in the world, you flicked up.

Bumpity bump
ready for more :smiley:

Don’t drop.
Just don’t.

The key is ready. Find the lock and you will find the next step.

huh? what do you mean

Buying radioactive lenses for 15pl+ a offer and watching it drop before I could sell it

What. the. fu-

thats nearly 3x my net worth