whats your average time on finishing lvl 3 - 5 mines

5-10 minutes. Depends on my luck on finding the nuggets.

It takes me about 8 minutes for one level 3 mine, or 45 for 5 mines

I’m not especially good, but I usually finish a lvl 2 mine in five minutes.
I doubt lvl 3 is much harder.

All I know is that I start mining example : 2pm and when I finish its like 5pm and Im like “when the hell did the time go so fast?”
Mining profitable , but wastes lot of time.

6 mins on lvl 4. 20 characters

Normally, I take around 6-7 minutes to completely clear those mine levels. Well, it also depends on how fast I manage to find the gemstones blocks and the spawning rate of the mining mobs.