Pixelstation could get Pw media Npc

I thought about idea making atleast pw media Bot into pixelstation soo more people would join the forums,discord,instagram,twitch because its kinda little Button at SOCIAL on main menu


Hello subforum > #site-feedback:game-suggestions
They should give more info on why people needs to join the forums (suggest items, ask questions by experienced players).
I don’t think they need to add an NPC asking players to join forums, they can just search up the link and join.

Agree with this ^
If they add forum npc They’d have to add a discord npc too and i don’t think they’re really needed

Oh forgot discord at all maybe pw media Bot then

All related Social Button in one NPC, shows off the recommended videos and the official pw forums, gives information on why you should join the forums, discord and more. I’m gonna support this one!

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Better, but i think having the button in the other category in menu should be enough

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