Pixelworlds artists have their own items now. WHAT?!?

I was in TRADE today and I saw @Mrcoffeepw who is a pixelartist, WITH HIS OWN custom item, he isnt even a 3rd grade influencer or anything, and its personalized for him! @Editson also has his own familiar called bulbie!! WHATTT!!! i dont have a screenshot because mrcoffie left right as i was about to take it, I NEED ANSWERS

:+1: they deserve it


They both have created great artwork since long ago, so EndlesS (Or idk) wanted to reward them


damn, thats crazy, tomas got his bulbie familiar 4 days ago, I wonder if anyone else is gonna get one

pixil-gif-drawing (8)

They deserve it for the hard effort they put into their contributions to the community.

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Yeah mrcoffie and tomas really deserved this , they do an amazing job!

I really love their artwork! they definitely deserve it!

What does the familiar look like? I’ve only seen Coffee’s item.

its like a light bulb

yeah, its pretty cool, also how did you get that picture

From the calganie instagram account which I’m pretty sure is Editson’s account

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If you give personalized items to anyone who asks for them, then I deserve one too.

I’m pretty sure none of them asked for these items. They got those because of the contributions they have done for the community (Editson and MrCoffie put a lot of effort into their pixel arts on Instagram)

Eh, hate to say this but no.


This is called “favoritism”. Mod and admin items, while sometimes I’m jealous of them, are acceptable as they’re… well, mods and admins. But give special items to anyone who you are a friend of or is on your nice list, and ding ding! We have a problem - favoritism.

Also, I’m not trying to spark up drama or anything, but the devs of Minecraft first added a special cape for someone because they were “special”, but then REMOVED it because people kept asking for their own capes and for community backlash.

Dude do you not realize that MrCoffee and Editson have been contributing to the community for years now and they have inspired so many people to start doing their own pixel arts and ideas

Don’t complain just because you didn’t get a special item, what good have you done in the community


They never “asked” for them.

They get special items for being dedicated to the community by making great pixel art content every day. It’s the least they could do for them, they basically devoted their life to PW

The only contribution you’ve ever done was whine and complain about everything on the forums.


I really do not want to start up drama.

But, just know that not everyone has a talent to draw. If I happen to draw, I end up with a crappy stickman or badly drawn clouds.

By the way, I seriously need to sleep, see you tomorrow.

If you don’t want to start drama then maybe don’t jump on a thread to say something so controversially entitled without thinking for a few seconds to realize what these artists have done. You aren’t magically born with this talent, you need to practice and learn from your mistakes.