PixelWorlds Discord (fan)

Hello guys its me qwu, i wasnt too active for a long time in pixel worlds and forums aswell.
As everyone knows theres many people getting banned from offical pixel worlds discord server
for no reason so long time a ago i decided to make my own server
you can join in right now by the link here

thanks for reading and also tell friend about it!

Nobody has been banned from the official discord for no reason? If you want to join a pw server, the official invite to the real discord server is discord.gg/pixelworlds. No reason to join a server with almost no members.

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I got warned once, and improved my behavior. Nobody gets banned for no reason.


Join to that! Its awesome server :smiley: it even has wiki wgere you can search items name and desc and stuff xd

welp if you getting banned i think you get a reason of it from vortex bot but i didnt

PWE also has that though.
And the official Wiki has that as well.

Have you tried appealing for an unban?

If you mean a wiki bot, pretty sure pwg discord also has that

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When an appeal is impossible…

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But its nice server with nice people :smiley:

Do you know why? Because you are not capable of seeing any room for improvement in yourself. It’s always someone else’s fault. And that’s why people like you are banned, because no matter what, you will always think that the world should revolve around you. Wait another three years until you hopefully grow up, then you may stay unbanned on Discord servers.

But will I get unbanned on the discord after the three years? No.

What is done, is already done. In three years you have hopefully matured enough to see the room for improvement in yourself, and improve yourself enough that you can stay unbanned from other servers that you may join.

Then what is the point if I’m already banned from the PW discord? The discords that I’m not yet banned from have nothing to do with PW, nor offer the subscriber perk that I lost.


I can’t keep arguing with a person such as you, who isn’t able to comprehend the simple and fundamental principle of that actions have consequences.

That isn’t going to get me unbanned, nor give me a chance to appeal.

Boo hoo,

Have a nice day sir.

When are you finally going to listen to me? You’re a troll and the fact that I’m banned not only hinders my communication with the community, it also hinders my perks that I paid for.

And I should at least get 1 appeal after a time.

That’s how prisons work. Not only you have a chance to redeem yourself in court, you also get a chance to appeal.

I go to sleep, wake up, see a DM from Vortex stating that I’ve been banned.

If we had some kind of fair moderation, the ban note would contain a link where you can write an appeal.

All you care about is what you want by playing ignorant of what your choices have brought you to. It is pretty much clear that there will be no improvements to your character thus it will be more than likely of you ending up banned once again anyways.

If it does not give what you want, it becomes no longer an option to entertain even if it is for the purpose of avoiding such altercations in the future.


In the information, are you breaking Discord ToS or Pixel Worlds ToS?

Maybe I can help you be able to talk in Discord again. : )

Make sure not to break more rules and be more careful next time.

Hey, thanks for caring about me even after the small argument that we had, and not blaming me for everything.

While I don’t deny that I did break some of the rules, it’s not worth a permanent IP ban.

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