[PLAN] Forum Meetups - Cons & Pros

Just checking off if everyone is cool with it. Every games has its own mini-Meetups that came from the forums.


  1. You can have fun with it
  2. Meet new friends
  3. Host your own game
  4. You can socialize the forumers ingame
  5. Win prizes if the hoster is hosting off prizes at any games
  6. Learn more/visit each other’s world
  7. and respect for each other


  1. Forumers might scam something if given access
  2. Some forumers might curse or spread hate to each other
  3. Making inapropriate stuff
  4. Shipping forumers for no reason

Additional Info:

You can leave any time if wanted, and enter anytime.
Hosting a meetup will be the forumer who has all of the needed items for hosting. (Mysterious’ Freetoplay world, etc)
Every Meetups will happen every 2-3rd week of each month (Saturday or Sunday)

(I bet someone would say “Discord”)

Is it cool if a FORUMMEETUP exist
  • Yes
  • There is discord wdym, Nah.

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There were a lot forum meet up in old forum that usually won’t last a day, because once ppls go there, there’s nothing to do and ppls will just leave.


Used to be a hoster to another forums, usually our Meetups lasts 30mins to 4hrs max. I didn’t know there is already a PW forum Meetups a long time ago.

Honestly I think it could be fun, judging by the posts I’ve read so far I can tell that are some really interesting people on here that I’d like to have a conversation with, or play games as you say etc etc.

I’m not sure about every 2nd or 3rd week though, perhaps once in a while. I think it’s going to be hard to get “everyone” aka the active people to join, given that “we” most likely have different timezones…That’s a big oof, but I appreciate the idea itself.

Sure discord is fun, but if people were open to this suggestion and would want to hang on pixel worlds too, I don’t see why not.

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Meeting ingame is better actually. It would be entertaining too, and about the date. It can be changed somehow…