Planing to make a pw dare video

dare me now. i can even buy lvl `1 clan and terminate it.

i dare you to make clan and reach level 2 and delete it XDDDD

Buy me a level 1 clan
I mean
Advertise the game!

Finish the parkour of Mechanica

“if u dont get enough dares on yt Channel u get always alot of them here;)”
My experience of asking dares here xd

I dare u to delete pw and re-install it

Make an account and have 100 active friends at the same time (no botting/alting)

I defy you to finish the jetrace so fast in the game

I dare you to make pixel art of Endless.

not enough dares give me more!1!1!!!

Lock a brand new random world and then GM sell world for world lock.

Enter the world BOTH. and try to send a global message

Buy valentine’s day booster for 50 times.

Impossible unless you Are VERY fast typer.

That’s why it’s a dare

Kind impossible “Dare” then;D

ill try to do this dares

I dare you to fish with a bamboo rod until you manage to catch a huge fish with it.

farm until 999 soil. then trash them all

omg not enough dares maybe more? cuz some of them I’ll not do it

I dare you to trash 10 or 5 world locks.