Platinum Locks But Byte

This may have been already suggested somewhere but, what about a type of byte coin that can be created with for example 10k byte coins.
Maybe even two extra types of byte coins, like one type that could be created from 10k byte coins and one type that could be created from 100k.
This would help when trading byte coins for expensive items.


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how about when/if World Locks become untradeable they make a new currency you can get from combining 219 bytes, I’m thinking of giving them the name “World Locks” and they can double as a lock for your entire world as well as a currency

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I was actually thinking about that while making this thread.

we need this devs please just add this it isnt hard.

Jake did mentioned this but said “They’ll look into it” or “We do not think this is needed” I forgotted. via Pixel Bot’s video

And yes, this suggestion was already made by Edison yet even thi this has been suggested I’m still supporting this.

I don’t really see the point since you can already hold near endless amounts of bytes either way, all this would do is remove a few zeroes from the end of the number which doesn’t really seem that useful. The only reason platinum locks exist is because you can’t hold endless amounts of world locks and bytes didn’t exist to replace them.

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This is just simpler for people who aren’t so good at math.people don’t like dealing with big numbers it is why they invented euros and €💯 notes people don’t want to buy a house for 25,670,000 cents

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Theres no point to add something like this since the byte counter is nearly infinite according to jake and you can just type the amount of bytes you wanna trade

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That’s not the reason we want it we want it to simplify the numbers when we buy stuff it’s why we don’t only use cents or pennies in real life why we added euros and 100 euro notes in real life. there is no limit in real life either but that’s not the point

On Stream Jake says they gonna add like Mega Coin for those type of coin.

thats good news we really do need that.

It will make it easier to trade big items, for example, if you aren’t that good at maths.

But if it’s only going to be 10,000 bytes all you’d need to do is add 4 zeroes… basic multiplication isn’t that hard and you probably aren’t 13 or older if you can’t count 4 extra zeroes on a screen

I understand easy maths like that, what I’m trying to say is that there may be people that don’t.

Again, if they can’t count 4 extra zeroes, I highly doubt they are 13 or older

not needed since you can already store a VERY big amount of bc (not infinite, but a very large number that will probably never be achieved by normal means).

Also, on big amounts, how could it be easier to add up the bigger coins and the smaller coins to get a total instead of just placing the whole amount of bc at once and telling if it’s enough or not?
For example, to do 2(100k) + 13(10k)+ 2743 bc instead of just putting down 332743 bc.
Didn’t you want less maths?

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regarding this logic, it only applies to real life since you won’t go around carrying thousands of cents, imagine doing that, certainly not comfortable nor an effective use of materials. Those are things we don’t have to worry on PW

Hmm think about this

What if you converted platinum locks to megabytes which were worth 25,000 byte then we wouldn’t have to recalculate all the prices of items in worlds locks that people know so well.

It might persuade the haters who don’t want to lose world locks.

In order to properly do that, they would also need to make a coin that has the wl value. The point is to get out of the wl mentality, this certainly doesn’t help with it and also falls under the problem I adressed on my first response

They wouldn’t need to make an equivalent for world locks and if you want to get out of that mentality then 10,000 or 20,000 would be fine I know it wouldn’t be a huge difference but I would be a lot nicer and it really isn’t very hard to do.