Player animation freezes after emote is over | Card Battles

When doing an emote in a Card Battle, your player animation freezes when the emote animation is over. This especially shows when wearing something that generates particles (e.g. a Glimmer Necklace), which makes the particles freeze mid-air or when you are blinking at the moment the emote animation stops, which will make you keep your eyes closed.
Player animation only resumes during emote animations and will again stop after they are over.

How to replicate:

  1. Equip something that generates particles. (optional)
  2. Start a Card Battle.
  3. Do an emote.
  4. Done! If you didn’t wear something that generates particles, you may need to repeat a couple of times until you blink at the end of the emote animation.

Got that bug too.
Even though it does not bother me.

Its funny.

They should add u can emote during card battle

Question is, did you won the battle?