Player username changer

Allow players to change their username once and show their past username in the players information tab. If a player was warned or banned before, do not allow them to change their name until 365 days have passed.
Since all users have a specific player id (you can see yours in the account tab in-game), I don’t think this is a hard feature to implement.
Username change can also be a VIP only feature, or you could pay gems for it.


Would usually say it’s a terrible idea, but if it shows the previous name to all players as well as the other restrictions, it can’t be so bad, if it’s a one time only thing.


i like the idea i think if it shows the name before would be great like a legacy name right? and then on the top your new name but then the info is just going to get too big imo.


Love the idea osha, a legacy name (like the levels) would be interesting!

Really nice suggestion, but what should the price be?

Jake said it will probably never come. I don’t think its a good idea right now but maybe in the future.

It’s not a good idea but oshawott finally figured out how to make it a good idea.


But I think peoples will start selling account name with this.
Except if you can only change it to a new account name

Ah crap, of course there’s a catch… imagine the scams that will happen after this

New names only would fix that but maybe being able to switch back to your old name as well would be nice (like only once a month or something) and having it be called your “alternative name” or something, that way it’s always your name

But what… What purpose would that serve?
Maybe my alternate name would me “ImNotDonatingSoDontAsk”

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I guess one way to bypass people trading names is to make it so that you can’t use names that have been used before, even if it’s yours.

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You’ve suggested a very good way of doing it, but I’m afraid it’s still just too hard to do with scams and stuff

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I mean something like this is almost impossible, alot of time, work, and money are gonna be needed to implement the feature.

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Will probably be way too hard to implement

I really like this idea but it has many flaws imo
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I disagree, a ‘Snowflake’ User-ID is already assigned to each user registered on the game. I think it wouldn’t be too hard to create a username change feature. To log-in you could use your old name for example so that doesn’t have to be changed. There is a moderating feature which allows moderators to change their names, so I doubt it is too hard to implement a one time username change for everyone.

I have a few rare alt names collecting dust, and I think name-changing or name-selling would be awesome. I do think a 365d wait on warns is a bit harsh though. Maybe lower?

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I’ve played games before where this feature was a thing, it caused a lot of bugs / glitches though… I can’t say it’d be the case here but it’d definitely be a headache to add it…