Please help with mining

I have a heavy pickaxe
And i wanna know the best way to get profit
Personally i buy bronze keys 2keys for 1wl and use them and get 1silver key and some more of those nuggets then sell the key for 2wls and repeat is that a good way to earn wls?


Buy silver key 3/6 Full clear lvl 3 and you will get about 5-6k gem (2Wls) And 210 Nugget and if you covert to key you will get 2key and 2 key is 2/9 and total you are getting 5Wls Profit + coins for whell

Thanks baris :slight_smile:

tbh you should probs buy lvl 4 keys if your good at mining its most profit

Im Mining level 3 and after Im done with keys i sell Golden keys and gems ,that more u spend on keys that more profit u get Ex. U spend 30wls on keys u would get 40-50wls

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I’m buying gkeys i can buy them off you

u can PM me If u want and i can sell If i have price is of course 1/4, 2/9

Well I’ll buy 3 for 13 rate

If you want profit, you must get the nuggets by mining, don’t buy them.

Do you have

Bronze keys
I need 2 because i have 1wl

Just visit pixel,Ines you will easily find a seller