Please help

Idk how but i cant earn wls can yall like help me with tips ?? Thanks <3

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Idk just do nether if your new player that’s easy

U can find tips on Youtube i recommend you watch Zygora’s Soil to pl

Nah ive been playing for 500+

Watch this it will help

Just do what zygora does lol

It helped me alot bcuz i had Same problem

Thanks my guy :slight_smile:

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Ok il watch it :slight_smile:

Try doing mines for an hour, gives you 1.6k bc (5.5wl-6wl)
It depends on how you are good at it, if you are a mine veteran then you can get more than 6+wls.

You can sell Nether Crystals 200-250/1 and nether souls 50/1
but it is a long process.

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Thank you si papi!?!?

First 15 wls:
Use nether scrolls to go to the netheroworld for gems.
< 30wls:
Buy bamboo rod (superior) and fish. Don’t sell fish for gems, sell them for wls. Use online gem calculator to calculate the price for your fish gems. (sell them for more than 3500/wl to make more profit)
> 30wls:
Buy a OK pickaxe and start mining. Heavy pickaxe should cost around 30wls. SELL your golden / platinum mine keys, you can sell the mining gems too if you want. I don’t recommend using the golden mine keys.

With the wls you get from mining, you can slowly get better and better pickaxe. OR if you don’t like mining, you can start trading with other people for profit. I do not recommend only trading stuff in PWE since you constantly lose some bytes with every trade (if you don’t sell high enough price)

Honestly, after first 50wls, you can either keep grinding or get super lucky. There isn’t a specific non-grindy way to get rich, other than getting lucky of course.

Some tips:

  • Sell EVERYTHING you don’t need for bytes.
  • Don’t buy boosters for gems. Getting profit from those is pure luck. It’s not going to happen. If you want to buy boosters, buy event boosters.
  • When you have VIP active, you can buy some of the VIP exclusive items from shop and sell them for higher price than it would cost to buy wls with the same amount of gems.
  • Don’t buy bytes from shop for gems, it’s never worth it.
  • Bytes are around 260/wl
  • Fishing / Mining gear is not worth it early in the game. Don’t buy gear.
  • Don’t create a clan early in the game, or at all. It’s not worth it.
  • You can try to join a clan, it gives you a tiny progression boost. Keep in mind that you have to be constantly active.
  • DAILY QUESTS! Do them as many as you can, daily. Some of the daily quests can even give you a WL for the prize!

I dont even know how long it took for you to write this but thanks for the tips

No homo kisses

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It’s around 20 if i’m right, so he could skip fishing and go straight to mining if he wants to

Mine if you mine for like 30 min you can get a silver key (worth 2wls each)