Please move the Wiki from Wikia to Miraheze

I really want to edit the PW wiki on Wikia, but a global admin just decided to accuse me of being underage (I am NOT) and terminate my account.
And I am just overally tired of how you need to contact wikia support for even turning a switch on as it’s locked to global admins only.

If you do think that your deprivation from the Wiki was unfair, and if you are really not underaged, then send a mail to the support ( explaining your case. Not just to the Wiki support.

However, your ban might have been because of other reason.

How can Kukouri support help with an account termination that was by a wikia GLOBAL admin (not local)? First, the account was DELETED, they cannot restore it, second, if it only was Globally Banned, Kukouri still won’t help since only wikia support can undo global bans.
Only local bans can be undoed by Kukouri support…

there’s no point making a thread about you getting banned from the wiki by a fandom staff for being an underage (if so). contact their support and have a chat with them instead. thread locked.