Please open my account ban

My account banned 10 year for using macro i has 3 cthulcu wing and a sipirit sword + 15m byte i dont want my item became trash and i think a macro dont need ban me 10 year!

If you think your ban was unjustified email support

Using macros is strictly against the rules of the game, and in most cases results in a permanent ban.

You deserve it bro :skull:, Your using a macro you risk those stuffs for a macro smh dude

using macro is against rules which you agreed if you break them you will get banned. and probably you used that macro too much that you deserved 10 years. you cant beg for your ban to magically remove you agreed the ban the time you opened your account/started the game

im used for open pack but i think it need ban 30 days or smthng

you shouldnt had to. remember you agreed to not to do it. you probably used autoclicker. you know people spent time to open these packs, just like you should

Doesn’t matter what you used or why did you use it. When you registered a PW account, you had to agree to the rules, and those state that using any sort of unauthorized program that interferes with the game can and WILL result in your account being permanently banned.

Hacking bans are permanent even on first offenses because hacks blatantly try to provide unfair advantages to players.

It’s in the rules, using macros, 3rd party softwares and hacking will result in a permanent ban.
It doesn’t matter how much you have, you break these rules, you face the consequences.


Guess what this discussion was all about?

You can appeal your ban through support → ← if you think you don’t deserve the ban and it was a mistake.

Remember to include details such as: your ingame name, what you were doing before getting banned etc etc.