Plese add more detailed list in Updates!

Each update often brings not only new things but also fixes some problems from the last versions of the game. The problem is that not only it is hard to notice those problems but some might think that nothing is being done about the bugs. Even if players are being ignored.

Adding just a little “read more” text with the expandable window would not ruin the design of update banners (if you would call it).
It would add more trust from the players towards developers that something more, behind the scenes, is being done.
It would be interesting to see what you are up to, how about even writing a small “developers blog” from time to time? Even if that is not consistent or unedited, I think most of the people would enjoy it regardless. I used to watch Jake’s stream from time to time after work and its fun to watch. Although written text could be just as fun to read as well.