Pls help im crying

Today i sold my phone “Xiaomi Redmi Note 9” because its so bad so I was going to buy a new Samsung S20 phone, I got hacked many years ago so I was having beware with my new pixelworlds account “ChifuyuGOD” and always using it only in my phone and even the gmail I only had it on my phone, that’s the main problem now because I sold the phone and I don’t have access to my account anymore and when I try to login it says PASSWORD INCORRECT, I’m 100% sure I’m using correct password pls help, I tried talking with everyone but they say the only way to help me is if I have a way to prove its me, I have another account KidKarus which I have access to, and it was created with same IP and same phone, I can create new accounts and u will see it have the same IP or WIFI or whatever even same location because I’m still in my home, I have everything except the gmail and the account, pls help I have been playing since 2017 to this game, I’m super addicted to the game and I feel so sad I cant play anymore for me being stupid and forgetting password, pls contact me I will do anything to prove its me :C

IGN: ChifuyuGOD

Do you have any receipts from buying anything in pw? This can be used to prove that you own the account, apart from email.

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yes thanks for telling me the same thing for the 18423 time.
NO i dont have any receipt because i never bought anything, and thats what make me even more mad because if i had an receipt it would be a GOOGLE PLAY RECEIPT from my GOOGLE PLAY ACCOUNT, if i have access to my GOOGLE PLAY ACCOUNT then why the i need an receipt

Well sad to say this but if your account doesn’t have a recovery email or if it does and you are not using that email anymore, there is really nothing that can be done to get your account back.

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its stupid how they check ip for scamming or hacking but they cant check it when someone loses their account -_-

They don’t check it. It automatically does it. If they started tracking IP’s then I’m pretty sure they would get into some legal trouble.

Problem solved.
Google sent me an gmail where i had to prove I owned “Xiaomi Redmi Note 9” and login with my phone number and that phone into the gmail, thankfully the guy i sold the phone to gave me a chance to recover the account.

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